KIA Take Number One Spot In Renowned Brand Quality Study

 This month, KIA Motors topped the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey, a highly illustrious study that serves as something of a benchmark in the industry and is followed closely by consumers and professionals in the industry alike.

With Porsche, Hyundai, Toyota and BMW taking out spots 2-5, this marks the first time in decades that a non-premium brand has been crowned top of the list. This marks something of a shift in thinking about the KIA brand, which has traditionally been considered a mainstream, non-luxury. The fact is, however, that KIA is now – and likely has been for the past few years – one of the industry’s top players and produces a high quality, dependable and well-designed vehicles. This crowning seems to have driven home that very point, despite the fact that KIA Cars in Australia have been consistently highly praised and reviewed over the past years.

What is the J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey?


The car industry has seen its share of turmoil over the past decade or so, and with consumers having higher expectations for new vehicles, the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study pools together result from various car owners about how they feel about their purchase and how satisfied they are with their new car. It measures and predicts the feelings of motorists 90 days after their initial purchase, taking into account 8 different categories including the exterior, seats, driving experience, engine and transmission, features and displays, interior, heating and cooling, and entertainment/ electrical (audio, navigation, etc). The survey quite involves and covers various makes and designs,  measures variability across brands, demographics and differences between models of the same make in different countries, among many other studies.

The survey, which is held in high regard globally, can help to pinpoint where various models and makes are lacking and also gives consumers a good idea of which brands are the most dependable.

The Details

Kia Car - J.D. Power Quality Survey

KIA’s performance in the study has been rising for the best decade, jumping up from #36 in 1999 to as high as #2 just a year ago.  In 2016, KIA was crowned the most dependable brand in the study of the 33 car brands considered. The survey indicated that KIA owners noted 83 problems in 100 cars, which is very impressive given that the industry average was more than 100.  Further, various KIA cars or model were commended for their reliability including the KIA Soul and KIA Sportage, which were crowned winners in their categories of small SUV and compact multi-purpose respectively.

Kia Soul - Kia Cars in Australia

Without any doubt, the finish has confirmed KIA Motors as one of the premier and car brands in the automotive industry and demonstrates just how far the company has come. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, it’s certainly worth downloading the study and given it a good read through. Otherwise, take a visit to your local KIA dealer and find out more!


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