4 Effective Tips for Driving Your Kia Safe On The Road

With a growing population and more and more people getting on the roads every year, the number of accidents continues to rise. Road safety is something we all need to be wary of. KIA and other car manufacturers are in the business of making cars and other vehicles as safe as possible, and they’ve come a long way even in the past decade or two. But ultimately it’s about driving with care. Let’s take a look a few of the ways you can do just that.

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Keep Your Eyes & Your Kia Car On The Road

Resist The Temptation To Use Your Phone

The Victorian Police are now handing out big fines for using a phone while driving without hands-free, and for good reason. It should not be understated just how dangerous it is to speak on the phone while driving one-handed, not to mention trying to text and drive at the same time. Undeniably, the temptation is always there. Getting a text or a phone call in heavy traffic when you’re hardly moving at all – what’s stopping you quickly having a look? This, however, is very dangerous; even a split second with your eyes off the road can lead to an accident.

Have Your Car Serviced Regularly

Particularly if have an older Kia car, it’s very important to have it looked by a mechanic regularly. There is a multitude of problems that can arise from failing to do so, many of which can make you and motorists around you at greater risk. Something as simple as not having enough air in your tires can lead to a puncture while driving or can reduce control on the road in general. Other things like broken lights or worn break are also obviously major hazards.

For some particularly young drivers, servicing a car can be expensive and may be something that is put off for as long as possible. But ensuring your safety on the road requires that you keep your car in good working order; it’s worth that little bit of extra cash. If you have a KIA, there’s a KIA service centre near you that has you covered.

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Consider doing a driving course

Nowadays, getting your license is quite an extensive process. Years ago it only required that you drive around for 15 or so minutes and complete a short test. Today, the requirements for a driving license are much more difficult to pass, with a 40 minute to an hour driving test in varied traffic conditions.

Even though the requirements put new drivers in a good position to drive safely and well, a driving course will provide you with further essential knowledge and skills while on the road. It makes sense to invest in your skills behind the wheel; studies indicate that it reduces your chance of causing an accident significantly.

Be prepared for long trips

Your risk of an accident increases when you are driving a long distance. It’s very important that you take the proper precautions when doing so. Before a long drive, make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat enough to give you the energy to concentrate and be immune to drive fatigue.

It’s also important to take breaks every few hours, stretch your legs and even have a quick nap if necessary. If you’re feeling drowsy this is an absolute must. When travelling with children, it becomes more important to stop regularly as they can be disruptive if tired and bored. You can also share driving responsibilities with someone else.

Make sure you have proper car parts and accessories for a long drive as preparations. Especially, you need to have the emergency car parts and accessories loaded on the car always. In the case of any unwanted situation, you can get rid of those situations by adding the extra edge and using those emergency parts and accessories.


Remember that ultimately taking care on the road and concentrating on what you’re doing will usually put you in the best position to avoid an accident and keep you safe. For more information about road safety and the safety features on Kia cars and emergency kia accessories for safe driving, feel free to contact the team at Chadstone KIA today.


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