What You Should do When You have a Dead Car Battery?

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As a motorist, it’s a good idea to have some kind of a knowledge about how your car works, and what signs to look out o diagnose the problem Battery issues are very common in cars and need to be replaced every few years or so. Chances are, as a motorist you’ll have to deal with a dead or uncharged battery at some point, and it can pay to be prepared and know what to do in that situation.

This article will discuss a checklist of things you need to think about and consider when you think you might have some car battery issues.

Confirm that the issue is the battery

Arguably the most common reason for a car battery going dead is leaving the lights on. Given that the engine isn’t running, the lights are powered by the battery which can soon run dry. If this is the case, you may realise that when the car doesn’t start this is the reason.

Nevertheless, there are signs that the battery is dead that you should keep in mind. If the engine cranks and turns over without starting, or doesn’t crank at all, you may just have a dead battery on your hands. Also, check if the lights are working, usually there won’t be functioning properly if the battery is dead.

Get the cables out

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This is obviously a short-term solution, but using cables to start your car can get you from point A to B if you’re in a hurry and perhaps you’ve just come to the realisation your battery is done. Having a set of cables in the boot in case of emergencies is always a smart move, and make sure you have some idea how to use them. They can buy you time while you figure out how you’re going to deal with the problem long term.

Consider charging the battery yourself

It can be well worthwhile having the equipment necessary to charge car batteries, although not all of us have these chargers. If you have a number of cars in your household, it’s certainly worth your consideration as it can save you money over the long run.

30534424 - human hand giving to charge battery

Basically, once you have the right kind of charger for your battery (ask your retailers), the process is quite straightforward. You’ll, of course, need to take safety precautions and always wear gloves and goggles when charging your battery. The charger should be placed flat on the ground, connected to the battery and set to charge.

Some chargers will actually give you information about whether the battery needs to be replaced.

Take it to an auto parts store

If you’re a bit out of your depth, you can simply detach the battery from the car and take it down to a car parts retailer, or even take your entire car to your local mechanic. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem and let you know if you can continue to use it.


If the battery simply isn’t up to the task anymore, you’ll obviously need to get a new one. You always have the option of purchasing a battery retail and fitting it yourself, but it can be tricky at times if you haven’t done it before. A professional can usually help you out with this for a reasonable price – and sometimes even free of charge – so keep that in mind.

Of course, if you’re noticing some of these symptoms when driving your KIA around, we’d recommend you to take the car to a KIA service centre. Their experts can give you good car battery advice and offer you a cost-effective solution that will keep you on the road for longer.


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